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Anglia China is an electronic component logistics and distribution operation with headquarters based in Hong Kong.

Anglia Components, one of Europe’s leading independent distributors of semiconductors, optoelectronics, interconnect, passive and electromechanical components, has made a substantial investment in establishing Anglia China as part of its distribution network with the aim of supporting strategic UK customers as they upgrade their global manufacturing capabilities in China.

Why Anglia China

Anglia Components has experience of doing business in China since the 1980’s, with joint ventures with some of our own brand component factories, including Nover Capacitors, Eurohm Resistors and Taicom Connectors.

When a customer chooses to move their manufacturing to China, we are able to remove many concerns regarding the quality, continuity of supply and protection of IP by working closely with the customer and OEM / EMS factory to offer a seamless migration path, coupled with global price support ensuring continuity is maintained.

This is continued with ongoing local level engineering support to help our customers develop their next generation of products and continue the supply chain cycle.

Anglia China’s operation is focused around inventory management and supply chain support to ensure customers production is never compromised. We have over 15,000sqft logistic & warehousing facility to supply our partner OEM/EMS’s on a wide range of electronic components. This facility has been in operation since 2005 where we have established & developed very successful supply partnerships with many offshore OEM/EMS companies.

Complete Supply Chain Package

Anglia proves an invaluable partner to many of our franchised suppliers as we can support and provide full traceability for the migration of a UK design to full production of an end product manufactured in China. Therefore, ensuring the supplier has complete visibility and can continue to support the next generation design at a local level.

Anglia China are able to offer our customers & their OEM/EMS factories, total supply chain management, logistics support and DDP Hong Kong deliveries, whilst still remaining competitive against other China sources. This, coupled with our high levels of inventory and buffer stocks held in both Hong Kong and the UK, means we are a preferred source.

Anglia China's services also include global commercial supported pricing, inventory management, data and sample availability.

Corporate Brochure

Corporate Brochure



Dedicated logistics facility in Hong Kong providing:

  • DDP Hong Kong Incoterms
  • Local buffer stockholding in Hong Kong, supported by UK inventory
  • Shipments direct to Hong Kong from our suppliers – minimising carbon footprint
  • Credit Terms*
  • Technical and design support coordination between UK OEM and OEM Factory/EMS partner in China
  • Dual manufacturing support, same component with global support price
  • Dedicated team based in UK to support OEM customers on a local level & control price negotiations direct with manufacturers, order book & inventory management
  • EMS recommendation & partnership programme

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Anglia (China) LTD
Unit 1403-08
Manhattan Centre
8 Kwai Cheong Road
Kwai Chung
New Territories
Hong Kong

Phone : +44 (0)1945 473504
e-mail: info@anglia-china.com

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